Embodying what it means to be a true voice in British hip-hop, Lucien's musical art is crafted with passion at the forefront in a manner that is his own. Lucien began professionally recording music at age 13. 

Heavily influenced by the lyrical swordsmanship of the 90s’ hip-hop era, the melodic sounds of early 00s’ R&B, and the grime, trap, and drill sounds that are strongly engraved within London street rap, Lucien’s music is an amalgamation of a plethora of genres that also include Jazz, African soul, and Reggae. 

Lucien comes off as an articulate individual whose music seeks to creatively uphold the legacy set by previous hip-hop legends who once walked in his shoes. His witty, yet vulnerable style quickly draws you into his world. A true MC capable of exploring a wide range of themes without compromising who he is as an artist. He is definitely on the path to becoming a heavy pillar in the world of music.